Litter Fences for Landfills

The BULL litter fencing used in a California landfill.
You know the winds are high when there're windmills next to the landfill. That's why they chose the BULL Litter Fence for this landfill in Livermore, CA.
Landfill Litter Fencing that Catches Litter & Keeps it Trapped
That's a lot of litter being trapped at a landfill in Colorado, saving days of labor cost. 
Trapped litter in a Colorado landfill using The Bull.
​Each detail combines to make a litter fence wind screen that provides all the features you need.
  • Built tough enough to withstand harsh landfill environments and being moved everyday or more.
  • Won't blow over in high winds when full of litter. Design includes adjustable outriggers to provide weight distribution.
  • Easy to move so the operators won't mind moving them!
  • Captured litter can't escape because of the side nets and canopy.
  • Strength, design, portability, and effectiveness are unmatched.
"They’re the best litter fences I’ve ever seen. When other managers or inspectors visit my site, they are always impressed with the units. They're also easy to move. We have them surrounding 3/4 of the working face. They get moved a lot, so speed and ease of movement is really handy. Out of everything I have asked for out of this budget year, I’d turn down everything else in order to get the BULLS.”
  Operations Manager at Landfill in MT
The strength is in the details
Fully adjustable hooks on The Bull fence allows for easy pick up and moving.
Fully Adjustable Hooks allow operators to easily pick up and move the BULL using a wide selection of landfill equipment. Two hooks help keep the load stable over uneven terrain.
Built-in outriggers are standard on The Bull debris fence. This allows for maximum resistance.
Built-in Outriggers are standard on the BULL to provide maximum Built-in Outriggers resistance. Outrigger is shown in the middle position above.
Wear plates on the front surfaces provide additional protection and stability.
So effective, they won't take long to pay for themselves
Canopy and side-nets keep litter from escaping off the edges.
Wear Plates on Front Surfaces provide additional protection and stability. 3/4" thick steel plate welded on to bottom beam and hook supports provide this feature.
Canopy and Side-nets keep litter from escaping off the edges between adjacent units and over the top. Litter stays trapped even when the wind shifts and swirls.
Welded Wire Windscreen is galvanized and vinyl coated, built to take the harsh environment at landfills.
Features & Benefits

You can choose to place the lifting hooks on the front or back of the Bull

When Bulls are positioned next to each other in a curve the nets are tight to each other for no gap coverage
Gives the BULL even greater stability in
high winds

Most landfill equipment can move the 
BULL easily

Litter remains trapped after it falls to the

Better balance for moving over rugged terrain

More litter protection per unit, fewer units
to move when the winds shift

The size and weight of the steel components make the Bull stronger and less able to overturn in high winds.
​Best designed units to catch blowing litter for the lowest price.

Overall dimensions
  • Width: 24 ft.
  • ​Height with Canopy: 15 ft.
  • Depth: 8 ft. outriggers can extend the depth to an unmatched 15 ft.
          (three settings for outriggers, standard equipment)
  • Side Nets: Full height of back net and full width of base
  • Weight: 3600 lbs​

  • Strong galvanized steel welded wire with black vinyl coating to 
          protect it from the elements and allow litter to slide to the ground           easily

Dozer-blade Hooks
  • Vertical height adjustment: min. 6ft-9in to a max. of 12ft.-2in.
  • Horizontal hook adjustment: 5 increments from 11in. to 2ft.-7in.

  • Five Year Guarantee
  • A maximum of 10 can be shipped on one truck, a total of 240 linear feet of litter protection
  • ​Smooth, heavy walled steel tubing is used to keep the units from
          freezing to the ground or sinking in soft mud
  • Rugged steel construction with full welds and a tough enamel finish protecting your investment
  • All orders are F.O.B. Toledo, OH
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

Pictured: 10 BULLS loaded on a 48 ft. flatbed truck.
"There is no comparison to the BULL Litter Fence. They should be standard equipment at all landfills. Guys arrive in the morning, set them up for the day’s wind and the job’s done. Real simple and easy to move.”
   Landfill Manager
  Brundidge Landfill, Brundidge, AL

Lifting Device

No Gap Coverage

Outriggers built into the frame

Adjustable hooks

Rectangular base frame with
windscreens on three sides

Two pickup points for the 
dozer blade to use

 24 feet long

Engineered for strength,
ruggedness and stability
without overbuilding and driving ups costs

10 BULLS loaded on a 48 ft. flatbed truck

Thousands of BULL litter fences are at landfills around the country, stopping blowing litter every day.
Proven effective and cost efficient. 

Here's what our customers say about the BULL...
A friont-end loader moving The Bull litter fencing into position.
Front-end loader continuing to place The BULL fencing.
A group of birds perched on The BULL fencing.
"They do what they're supposed to do -  stop and collect litter. What I like the most is their mobility when the wind shifts, which they do here in the bay area a lot. It is easy to get a loader up there and move the BULLs to a new position. They're strudy and strong."
    Landfill Manager
    Lockwood Landfill, CA
"The BULLs can be moved in a matter of minutes when the wind changes, and it seems to change 4 to 5 times in a day. You can always have them where they’re needed to stop the paper from getting away.”
  Landfill Manager
  Central Ohio
“The BULLs were the best thing my boss ever bought. I have 18 and told him I wanted more.”
Grounds Supervisor
Edinburg, TX.
"The BULL is very durable, we won’t use any other product on our site.”
  Landfill Manager
  Los Angeles, CA
"Out of everything I have asked for out of this budget year, I’d turn down everything else if I could only have one thing, it would be the BULLs.”
   Landfill Manager
  Kellar Canyon, CA
"The BULL litter fences have been very effective. I would like to get a quote for eight more ASAP.”
  Landfill Manager
  Laramie, WY​
"Just wanted you to know that we are pleased with the BULL Litter Fences here in Newton County Landfill. They were put through their first true test yesterday with extreme 45+mph winds with gusts extreme we encountered. We were able to continue ope. We were able to continue operations and effectively confine the litter to the active area with virtually no litter going offsite. The windscreens were the first line of defense and were completely loaded with windblown debris, and they held great.”

These windscreens are already making cleanup of litter much more quick and efficient. Their adaptability and portability are a definite plus. The operators commented on how quick and easy they are to move.”
  General Manager
  Indiana District Landfills​
"The BULL is a great product. I believe in it, the operators believe in them and don’t mind moving them.”
  Landfill Manager
  Ballground, GA
"We recently experienced wind gusts in excess of 50 mph at the Frederick County Landfill. The BULL fencing worked extremely well in helping us capture the majority of waste blown from our working face. The windstorm began around 10 am, and by the end of the day,waste was knee deep at the bottom of the fence sections. Even with the extremely strong winds and fully loaded screens, the fencing showed no signs of instability.”
  Frederick County Dept. of Solid Waste Management
"Before I bought the BULL litter fences, I did a lot of research — looked at all the products available and talked with references. Those who bought the BULLs thought they were great, and that helped convince me to buy them. Now, using them myself has convinced me to buy more. Picking up litter isn’t one of the jobs we have to do anymore.”
   Landfill Manager
  Barton County Landfill, KS
"I bought three dozer-movable units from a different company before I knew about the BULLs. Now I use the BULLs to catch most of the blowing litter and to hold down the first units I bought when the winds pick up.”
   Landfill Manager
  Big River Landfill, Leland, MS​
"Our landfill superintendent said they should have bought these 20 years ago. They are working great by the way.”
  Landfill Manager
  East Coast​
"We’re 100% satisfied. They extend our hours of operation on windy days so we can keep the revenue coming in. The angle of the back net pushes the litter into the frame where our vac truck can easily clean them out. They are very well built.”
   Landfill Supervisor
"We had money allocated for a piece of equipment we're not getting anymore. I'm going to use that money to purchase more BULLs. There's nothing else I'd rather spend it on.”
 Landfill Manager
"After receiving a truckload of BULLs, they were easy to assemble and they're working great right now. I hope to get more next year.”
 Landfill Manager
  North Carolina​
Another tipping operation featuring The BULL.
The BULL works great in these tipping operations.
Portable Litter Fences for Landfills

View of The BULL litter netting holding back litter at a landfill.
Recently received email:
" The Bull is the best portable litter fence on the market. There almost bullet proof. We currently have 90 Bull on our site and would like to order more"  
The BULL shown in a tipping operation.
Hooks can be moved to the back
​Steel coated side-nets
Keeps litter trapped once caught, doesn't blow off the edges
Keeps litter from escaping over the top, helps wind move the litter to the bottom
Free windsock with   
every order
​15 ft

​24 ft

News article featuring the Bull.